Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Guide to Choosing Yoga Clothing

If are thinking of checking out the world of yoga, there are many studios that offer classes for the beginner. This is generally the recommended method for starting in yoga, so that you have an qualified instructor who can guide you properly in your form during yoga positions, and help you to get the greatest benefit from your workouts. However, to be in the presence of other students can be an intimidating prospect for many who have never tried yoga before. And this anxiety is often compounded by not knowing what appropriate yoga clothing looks like so that you can dress for class properly. The good news is that there are some simple guidelines that will help you to shop for the yoga clothing that will work well and look best for your yoga classes.

Baggy vs. Form Fitting

Loose fitting clothing is the basic requirement for most yoga classes. You will need to be sure that your tops and bottoms will provide plenty of give so that you can complete your positions unrestrained. It is also important to make sure that your clothing does not fit too tightly, because this can interfere with the flow of energy and blood that typically occurs during a yoga workout. However, yoga clothing that is too baggy will get in the way of your instructor checking your form sufficiently, which is one of the purposes of taking the yoga class in the first place. For this reason, you want to opt for yoga clothing that is loose, but will still allow for your positioning to be visible to your instructor.

Hot vs. Cold

Temperature is another important factor to consider when selecting yoga clothing. If you are feeling too hot or too cold during your yoga session, you will not be able to concentrate on your workout as effectively as you should. If you are a person who tends to get overheated easily, opt for short-sleeved t-shirts and shorts for your yoga sessions. This will also allow your instructor to evaluate your positioning correctly. However, if you tend to get chilly in an air-conditioned room, you might want to wear long pants and sleeves, and even bring a sweatshirt in case you feel the need for some extra cover.

What about Shoes?

The rules of many Yoga classes will require that you go through your workout barefoot.Therefore you can get a pair of flip flops that will slide on and off easily as you head to your session. For those who are uncomfortable with the barefoot approach to yoga, there are some socks and shoes in yoga clothing lines that are specially designed for this type of exercise. However, it is best to ask your instructor first about his rules regarding footwear.

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