Friday, October 3, 2008


1.) Sit down with your legs stretched. The legs lie side by side and the toes point upwards. Stretch your lower back and raise your arms. Look forward, lengthen your back, and keep the chest and your breathing free.

2)Slowly bend forward, stretch your crown upward and try not to lose the supporting dynamism of the lower back. See to it that your legs do not move or tilt.

3)The moment you notice that you can only bend further by bending the lower back, move your hands to your lower legs, ankles or feet. Lightly pull your legs, ankles or feet and continue stretching.

4) Stretch out your arms forward.

5.Slowly raise your upper body. Keep your legs lying side by side and the toes pointing upwards.

Sit straight up again, just like your original position.

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